Active Child creates ethereal soundscape on new EP, ‘Set Me Free / All Eyes On You / Cruel World’

Multifaceted Active Child’s latest release is nothing short of majestic. Two years on from his last release, the ‘Set Me Free / All Eyes on You / Cruel World’ EP marks a glorious return – a trio of songs all beautifully crafted to create one of the most soothing releases of the year. ‘Set Me Free’ is aptly named; emancipating and light, it sets the tone of the EP by soaring to new, liberating heights. Active Child, real name Patrick Grossi, exhibits a magical touch on this EP in his ability to envelop you in his ethereal soundscape. Layering everything from choral vocals to violins, the amalgamation is otherworldly.

‘All Eyes on You’ is particularly poignant – a dedication to his wife, the artist refers to the track as a “devotional altar piece”. Saccharine yet still organic and full of slick beats, the use of harp on ‘All Eyes on You’ sets Active Child apart: it is romantic yet doesn’t detract from the pulsating beats, instead melting the two together to craft something completely individual. This EP allows Active Child to entirely shine, and labelling it some of the “strongest music I’ve written” is no reach. If anything, it feels like an understatement. Ambient and self-assured, this EP allows Active Child to encompass and soothe you with his sweet, blissful beats.

If you’d like to find out more about Active Child, you can follow him via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. His new EP ‘Set Me Free / All Eyes On You / Cruel World’ is now available on Spotify.

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Image courtesy of DIY Mag.