Artio’s latest release tackles mental illness with impressive beauty

Made up of Hol Brazill, Ieuan Jones and Rob Arkle, young three-piece group Artio created a sizeable buzz with the release of their first ‘Sedative EP’. Also successful, was the release of prevalent track ‘Dancing In The Ashes’, an anthem commenting on the importance and terror of the planet’s current climate.

Their latest release ‘Hide Them From Me’ is a continuation of their theme of tackling important issues through collectively written and produced synth-pop. ‘Hide Them From Me’ cleverly manages to create yet another anthem out of the sensitive subject of mental health. Offering intimate lyrics recalling personal struggles with mental illness, the track perfectly balances intense, dark themes with an uplifting chorus and instrumentation that even makes you want to dance along- something that might feel inappropriate. However, this was actually the group’s intention. Lead singer Hol Brazill has stated:

‘It’s an incredibly personal observation of mental illness that we hope can be a fight song for anyone trying to pull themselves out of a dark place. It’s a track written to help obliterate any stigma surrounding mental health and put you on the path to reclaiming yourself. You are not defined by your illness, you are not defined by your circumstances, you are a living, breathing human being and so deserving of love. You are not alone.’

Following on from World Mental Health Day earlier this month, Brazill’s words could not ring truer. It can only be hoped that this promising group continue to create music that is not only enjoyable to listen to, but also tackles important topics in a way that only music can.

If you’d like to find out more about Artio, you can follow them via Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Their new single ‘Hide Them From Me’ is now available on Spotify.

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Image courtesy of Artio.