AyOwA provide your winter soundtrack with ‘First Frost’

Danish duo AyOwA produce tauntingly beautiful electronica pop like no one else on the scene. ‘First Frost’, their latest track, is the first released in English, and tells the tale of “a couple who have experienced their whole life, and towards the end set out in the first winter frost to disappear together”. AyOwA’s all-or-nothing romanticism and self-assurance shines through the track. Confidently calm, ‘First Frost’ is absolutely perfected. 

With whispering, divine vocals, the track feels tangibly haunted. AyOwA create something incredibly minimalistic, yet their synth beats generate an unparalleled intensity. ‘First Frost’ is enough to send chills across your entire body as AyOwA freeze their listeners, capturing them in a single moment. The track is tailor-made to soundtrack the remainder of your winter months. With a meticulously crafted chilling soundscape, the listener is invited into a cocoon of ice-cold electronica until the flowers start to bloom.

If you’d like to find out more about AyOwA, you can follow them via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. ‘First Frost’ is now available on Spotify.

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Image courtesy of Cannonball PR.