PREMIERE: Ben Beaux lifts you to ‘Heaven’ on new single

Ben Beaux’s latest release ‘Heaven’ is just that. Angelic and transcendent, the London-based producer has created something that is undilutedly gorgeous. A self-confessed lover of “genre-trashing electronic tracks”, Beaux seamlessly moulds an array of influences into one heartfelt track. 

Opening with a wave of tranquillity, ‘Heaven’ effortlessly rises until you are completely drenched in a state of bliss. Wrapped in an embrace of breathless, melodic dance, the track swirls around you enchantingly as Beaux adds layer after layer of ethereal sound. There’s something about ‘Heaven’ that feels stabilising and certain, its simultaneous stillness and expansiveness almost palpable.

Reflecting on the track, Beaux comments: “The lyric ‘Heaven’ jumped out at me, not so much in its religious context, but more as a cosmological, transcendent, ethereal, liberal place that we strive to live in. With everything going on at the moment, it seemed like a good time to release the track and hopefully brighten up someone’s day”.

In such turbulent times, ‘Heaven’ is the breath of fresh air we all need. Whilst the world around us seems to teeter on becoming claustrophobic, Ben Beaux has provided us with something liberating.

If you’d like to find out more about Ben Beaux, you can follow him via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. His new single ‘Heaven’ is now available on Spotify.

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Image courtesy of Ellen Offredy.