CAii’s new electro pop single ‘Problem.’ is catchy, sassy and unapologetic

Manchester-based CAii has released ‘Problem.’, the final original track from her new EP ‘Tangle.’, which includes previous singles ‘Fuel.’ and ‘Stuck.’.

The singer-songwriter and producer showcases her skills with tightly produced vocals and effects alongside a bass that drives momentum as the track progresses.

“You’re so f***ing perfect that the problem must be me.”

Hit immediately with the catchy hook of the chorus, the single demands your attention. The vocals are crisp and clear, with soul and power in her delivery, giving the punch that her unapologetic lyrics require. The brutally honest lyrics match with hard-hitting production and the catchy hooks of classic pop.

Talking about the single, CAii describes the track as: “The moment you realise that the person you love doesn’t care about your feelings at all and is walking all over you. All the feelings of anger and hurt come out at once when you see that they show no accountability and lie to you to get their own way. It’s an empowering track about finally seeing things as they are.”

If you’d like to find out more about CAii, you can follow her via Facebook, YouTubeInstagram and Twitter. Her new EP ‘Tangle.’ is now available on Spotify.

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Image courtesy of Conversations About Her.