Caribou comes to terms with sudden change in ‘You and I’

Dan Snaith is undoubtedly one of the most talented musicians within the electronic scene today. A coin of a man with two musical masquerades, both of his projects (Caribou and Daphni) have enchanted listeners for close to twenty years. Despite existing side by side, throughout their existence these aliases have never met. Now in the lead up to the first Caribou album in five years, Snaith has opened a new chapter for the traditionally experimental project which brings it closer than ever before to Daphni.

Caribou’s October release of ‘Home’ left many questions unanswered to Snaith’s devoted fans. The track’s sound seemed more aligned with Daphni’s bright, popular and high energy electronica than the signature psychedelic flavour of choice. ‘You and I’, however, beautifully fits somewhere in between ‘Home’ and Caribou’s previous discography: fusing the energy of his previous release with an injection of melodic calm, airy synths and experimentation.

Guns blazing from the very start, ‘You and I’ immediately breaks into unstoppable throbs of energy and asteroids of starry rhythms. The repetition of the underscoring layers of rhythm remain constant, yet seem to fade into the background as they are quickly outshone by the lyrics, which feature an entanglement of heartbreak bursting with motifs of loss. Whilst musically ‘You and I’ is not the most melancholic of Caribou’s work, the progression from loss to reluctant understanding is by far the rawest we have vocally heard Snaith. Vulnerable and understated, Snaith’s love who was “the light” he “could always count on” leaves for the sky as he tries to carry on.

Just as Caribou’s sound is constantly developing, this song oscillates its identity throughout. The bridge feels as though for eight bars you have fallen down a rabbit hole into a confusing world of electronic undergrowth, yet you can’t look away. Completely hypnotising, this break turns the song on its head as smooth beats are chopped and manipulated to the highest degree before returning back to a sort of normality (with some added guitar shredding). Dan Snaith will begin this next journey in Caribou’s evolution on 28th February 2020 under the album titled Suddenly. Expected to be heavily influenced by a recent sudden change in Snaith’s life, it seems the tracks may follow in the footsteps of ‘You and I’. Subduing a traumatic subject matter with Snaith’s soft vocals, enchanting beats and incredible production in a way that only the most talented musicians can do.

If you’d like to find out more about Caribou, you can follow him via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. His new EP ‘You and I’ is now available on Spotify.

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Image courtesy of NME.