Daithí takes production online with ‘An Irish Goodbye’

At the end of March, back when cabin fever had barely set in, the synth-elating Irish producer Daithí hooked up his cameras and started live streaming from his home studio. Over three sessions, and around six hours of work, Daithí nurtured ‘An Irish Goodbye’ into existence, offering viewers a glimpse into the production process.

A farewell to outside exploration, the track kicks off gliding through wispy violins which occasionally dissipate to reveal the sampled Vietnam streets hidden below. While sometimes disappearing completely, these strings command the quivering attention of the listener; balancing the track which moves like a tide under Daithí’s gravitational pull with a much-needed sharpness. A collaborative effort, the strings and vocals were recorded and contributed via email during the live broadcast by violinist Clare Sands and singer Sinead White.

Although it is true that many musically adept DJ’s improvise live, there is something quite meditative to see the whole process from idea, to creation and production, pass by calmly before your eyes. Watching the stream, you can witness ideas born, soundbites scrapped, and all manner of tips and tricks which are now simply muscle memory for Daithí. Beyond simply a testament of talent, hopefully this stream (and all those which will follow) will inspire many DJ’s stuck at home to perfect their skills, keep collaborating and create their own isolation art.

As is becoming increasingly clear, you can create anything within your own four walls.

If you’d like to find out more about Daithí, you can follow him via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The final product, ‘An Irish Goodbye’ is now available on Spotify.

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Image courtesy of Bandcamp.