Demuja motivates the masses with ‘Power to the People’

‘Power to the People’ is the first track released from Atlantic Avenue, the much anticipated LP from Austrian-based DJ and producer, Demuja.

Demuja exceeds the boundaries of contemporary house, bending the production to situate his music alongside his other passion of dance. ‘Power to the People’ is no different, hailing from influences of house, deep disco and embellished with his iconic soulful production.

Vibrant percussion is the foundation from which Demuja builds his five minute track, coalescing into an artful architect of rhythm and melody. The looping effect of the soundpad melody is a constant, binding the interspersed layers he adds on top of the already catchy rhythms. Though not dissimilar to previous releases like ‘Come To Me’, it’s the refined nature of the sound that isolates this track as a true mastering of electronica. Instead of flirting with funk, weaving intricate melodies and sampling other tracks, ‘Power to the People’ is simpler, considered, a motivation track for the masses.

As a percussionist from a young age, Demuja’s fine tuned ear for succinct and constructed rhythms is what grounds this track and ensures the cyclical nature of the first three minutes is catchy and not just repetitive. The visionary composition makes this track perfect for a workout, a dance floor or a pick-me-up track on a neverending weekday.  

In the closing moments, the loop fragments to a slower, more subtle rendition of what came before, almost under a meditative guise. The introduction of xylophone is unanticipated but an elegant and soothing addition, a lighter brick in the wall of hard and strong sound that came before. Almost without noticing, the track goes full circle, as if the interspersion of calm was an interlude of sorts, a moment for us to catch our breath before we play it on repeat until the rest of the album comes out.

If you’d like to find out more about Demuja, you can follow him via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. ‘Power to the People’ is now available on Spotify.

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Image courtesy of Bandcamp.