Dokkodo Sounds transports you to the heights of ‘Mt. Kita’ with latest EP

A selection of four equally beautiful, ethereal soundscapes, Dokkodo Sounds’ ‘Mt. Kita’ EP is a wave of calm. Named for the second tallest mountain in Japan, the ambient lo-fi beats feel completely cleansing. “My love of Japan obviously comes through, with the titles and sampling of Asian instruments,” says the electronic producer, “However, I also wanted to bring in my love of ambient music too.” The resulting combination is completely lush. Layers of instrumentals practically twinkle, creating an ambience that is incredibly steadying. 

The closing track, ‘Pastels’, is perhaps a highlight. It epitomises the EP entirely: the beats paint a story entirely in soft pastels, engulfing you in a comforting serenity. Dokkodo Sounds expresses his love for drawing images to complement the music, having created the artwork for all his releases thus far. “I think a tiny part of me also likes the fact that the music and the art go hand in hand: that it is 100% an expression of me,” says the producer. Undoubtedly, this is part of the charm of the EP. Though it is easy-listening, it is intrinsically heartfelt and personal. Dokkodo Sounds weaves a sense of peace that invites reflection with open arms. Sit back, relax, and let ‘Mt. Kita’ wash over you.

If you’d like to find out more about Dokkodo Sounds, you can follow him via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify. His latest EP ‘Mt. Kita’ is available to stream via Spotify.

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Image courtesy of Delayed Pleasure.