FAVELA makes a flawless comeback with collaborative album ‘A Thousand Fibres’

London based multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer and writer FAVELA has released his second LP, a collaborative album titled FAVELA Presents: A Thousand Fibres.

An experimentation of melodic soundscapes spanning multiple genres, A Thousand Fibres is both unique and familiar, with consistent production and gorgeous flow. Fans of James Blake and Francis & The Lights will find similar artistry in FAVELA.

Read on for a track-by-track breakdown of his stunning sophomore album.


“Childlike in the morning when I take my steps, world-like in the evening when I go to bed.”

Opening track ‘Hideout’ features indie singer Carmody and is a nostalgic and reminiscent song with layered, ethereal vocals.

Rusks & Wine

“I know you will never let me down, if I choose you, it all works out.”

‘Rusks & Wine’ is a romantic, pop infused track with production by Swiss DJ and filmmaker Pablo Nouvelle.

You Say

“Give me time, I’ll waste it.”

This duet with actress and singer Naomi Scott, best known for her role in the live action adaptation of Aladdin, is groovy and lilting, with sultry songwriting.


“It’s you that I find myself running into, taking our love to another height.”

‘Backwards’ is the newest single release from A Thousand Fibres, a heartfelt solo track performed and produced by FAVELA. Watch the official lyric video here.

The Pauper

“Keep me humble, I can’t face the kings without you.”

Simeon Walker joins FAVELA to deliver a love song enriched with royal imagery. A blend of soft piano and a crescendo of strings creates a euphonic musical experience.

Carve Me

“Hit me where it hurts, you’re poisoning my mind.”

The introduction of Nick Brewer onto this track experiments with a different sound than what we’ve heard previously – elements of British rap crafted tweet melodic chorus explore themes of pain and redemption.


“Although you walk with me, not many eyes can see the warmth you project me.”

Mysterious female vocalist Aanu provides smooth, powerful tones on this gospel influenced track.

Fool Again

“I don’t wanna feel like a fool or that I’m giving in.”

A soulful affair meets heartbreak and desperation in this song featuring production from R&B musician Baker Aaron hailing from Istanbul.


“I’ll follow you even when my limbs hang loose.”

Baghiira makes an appearance on the penultimate track, a declaration of hope and love with blended vocals wrapped around dark, transhuman metaphors.

Human Name

“I feel the love begin to overflow from me.”

Outstanding singer Emily Nance lays seamless vocals over evocative electro in the dreamy ‘Human Name’, a definitive closer to a stunning album.

If you’d like to find out more about FAVELA, you can follow him via FacebookYouTubeInstagram and Twitter. His new album FAVELA Presents: A Thousand Fibres is now available on Spotify.

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