PREMIERE: Fossa open up a new chapter with ‘Evolve’

‘Evolve’, the latest release from Leeds-based trio Fossa, is a mesmerising and hypnotic foray into progressive house that marks an exciting new direction for the group. 

Fossa’s first release of 2020 represents a progressive and exciting change in their sound as they seem to steer away from the more guitar-based work of their past to something that more closely resembles techno or electro house.

Evocative of the track’s title, this energetic, yet completely legato, number springs to life as its central grooves immediately begin worming their way into your head, the sound evolving before your very ears. In constant motion, the track’s movement from one mesmeric synth riff to another is enthralling and (hopefully) indicative of this new chapter for the trio.

Hinting at the possibility of another two more releases later this year, we can expect an exciting year, or even decade, in store for Fossa as they continue to explore a wider range of sonic possibilities.

If you’d like to find out more about Fossa, you can follow them via Facebook and Instagram. Their latest single ‘Evolve’ is now available to stream via Spotify.

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Image courtesy of Carl Battams.