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Producing for over a decade and with an art collective come record label firmly under the belt, this year will see the Mancunian artist glue70 venture to pastures new. Having already appeared this year on Majestic Casual’s compilation,, the producer has a full-length LP set to be released via the channel in the coming months. We caught up with glue70 ahead of its release to chat all things Majestic Casual and LP-related.

You’ve been producing for over ten years now, growing through word-of-mouth which has led you to receive widespread underground recognition. Do you think the (fairly) recent rise of streaming platforms has changed the way music fans find new material? Do you think it’s also changed the way in which artists can grow their fanbase?

Streaming platforms have allowed people to more easily find music from new artists, both through playlists, and through platform features such as ‘similar artists’, which recommends other artists to people based on style of music of their currently streamed artists. This cultivates a small community and can give newer artists a chance to be heard in the ever-growing jungle of releases.

In 2015 you co-founded audio and visual art label Flow Theory, what was the motivation behind establishing it?

The motivation behind Flow Theory’s creation was to put out sounds which crossed over different genres, focusing more on emotion rather than genre.

Do you have any plans on where you want to take Flow Theory next?

Our plan really is simply to spread the sound of Flow Theory as wide as possible, taking our live gigs out of Manchester, and to anywhere we can! We’re putting out Volume 2 of the Flow Theory compilation soon, so make sure to keep a look out!

Your most streamed track on Spotify ‘Casin’samples a song called ‘Joanna’ released by Kool and the Gang back in 1983. When did you first hear it?

I only really heard the track ‘Joanna’ around the time I created ‘Casin’, so that would have been in 2013. I think I first discovered Kool and The Gang when I got a hold of GTA San Andreas on PlayStation 2, back in 2004, where their track ‘Hollywood Swinging’ was featured on one of the radio stations. I still play that track all the time, and hugely respect Kool and The Gang. I just hope I didn’t taint the sweetness of ‘Joanna’ with ‘Casin’!

You have a full-length LP due to be released later this year on Majestic Casual, how’s it going to sound?

You can expect something quite carefree but is crafted to sound as such. Punchy kicks, lo-fi warbling atmospheres, wide crispy synths and fun loving basslines. 

When did Majestic Casual first come onto your radar? Have you wanted to release with them for a while?

I discovered Majestic around 2014 and just really liked the music they were putting out. Then a few years back, I noticed that they had started following me on SoundCloud, so I sent them a message. We exchanged back and forth, and when I found out that they liked my productions, I humbly presented the idea of releasing some tracks with them, to which they agreed! I’ve been working with them since then. They are an amazing team and have really helped me out with insight into my music and creative feedback.

How did you find the process of recording and producing the album?

Creating the album was really just a matter of doing what I’ve always done – have fun making a bunch of tracks, then refine things back and see what fits together best. The time of the refining process seems to extend each time I put out a new release, but I reckon this is true for most artists!

You’re currently working on a new setup for live shows which involves a band you’re developing – tell us more!

I am essentially re-working my current live setup to accommodate for other musicians to be involved. It will be pretty simple and a matter of stripping back what I would’ve had if I were to perform solo. I’m really looking forward to working with other artists this year and seeing how my own productions are influenced!

What does your live setup usually look like? 

Usually my live setup is my Akai APC 40, for launching clips and modulating effects live, which I have all set up in Ableton Live. I sort of have two sets, one that’s more just the chilled vocal stuff, and then one that’s more house, and even some borderline techno tracks which I have a lot of fun playing out – something I hope to do more in the future.

Usually I’d ask what you have planned for the rest of the year but seeing as we’re locked down in the middle of a pandemic for the foreseeable future, I imagine that’s going to be quite hard to answer. So… what are you *hoping* to achieve this year, and what are you doing to keep busy during the quarantine? 

I hope this year to grow even more and be more productive than ever before. I really want to treat my fans, both old and new, to some very cool things! Staying busy during this quarantine has been quite easy for me, as I always have a bunch of projects on the go, so I’ve just been getting on with things as usual! I’ve got myself some new plants to look after, and a few other items to really create a nice space which I can spend a lot of time in. Having a really nice space to chill in is essential right now.

If you’d like to find out more about glue70, you can follow him via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. His latest track ‘Proud’ in collaboration with Freak Slug is now available on Spotify.

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Image courtesy of glue70.