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“When I started making music I initially set out to not to be genre-specific, something I learnt from TEED in an interview”, says Manchester-based producer Vzion, who’s been busy catching the eye of the likes of Acid Stag and Crazy P over the past year. With three releases already lined up for 2020, we thought we’d have a good ol’ catch up as 2019 Vzion becomes 2020 Vzion to talk new releases, his live setup, and kidnapping Kanye.

Congratulations on supporting Crazy P at Gorilla in May, was that your favourite show of 2019?

Thank you! Yeah, I think Gorilla and the launch party for ‘ANYWHR’ have been my favourite shows so far. To be honest with you, I have mixed feelings about Gorilla: things like song choices, equipment choices, how each song transitions etc. But that show taught me more than ten really good gigs ever could so I’m grateful for that, I just hope Crazy P doesn’t think I’m shit haha. But in all seriousness, looking up at 500 people bouncing to your tunes on your third ever gig is a bit surreal, so I’m just thankful to everyone that made that happen.

Who else is on the list of dream artists to open for?

Disclosure is probably most realistic, just because our sounds are quite similar. Kanye West and Frank Ocean, however, would be my dream ones, but I’d probably try and kidnap them so best stick with Disclosure…

What does your live setup usually look like?

Good question, so currently I call this setup Phase 1, I’ll break it down for you:

Me – Ableton Push 2, M-Audio Keyboard, Akai LPD x2 and a Mic running through Vocal Synth 2, but everything runs through Ableton Live.

Miles (Bassist) – He switches between Rickbacker 4003s running through a Sansamp DI and a Novation mini nova with custom pre-sets depending on which song we play.

Adam (Drummer) – Roland SPD with WHD low volume hats & ride.

That’s the core of my live setup, and then If I’ve collaborated with another artist such as Demons of Ruby Mae, Ava Grace, Falyra Bloom etc., then they’ll come on and sing live.

… Stay tuned for Phase 2. 

Your latest release ‘ANYWHR’ came out in November, can you tell us a bit more about the track?

Have you ever been in a relationship that you kinda know is coming to an end? If you’ve ever been at that stage in a relationship then you’ll probably be able to relate to this song. After the release I remember speaking to one of my good mates from work who realised he was in this situation. He said to me: ‘Last night when I finished work I should have gone back to my Mrs at home, but instead, I opted to go watch my mate play a shit 5-a-side match in the pouring rain with no coat’. Hence the lyric “I’d rather be ANYWHR, but home”.

Through the post production on ‘ANYWHR’ you join a long line of celebrated artists such as Mura Masa and Disclosure who’ve worked with the master of mastering that is Stuart Hawkes – how did that come about?

Well, I’ve heard a lot of Stuart’s work as he’s had a hand in some of my favourite releases, so when I saw that Metropolis Studios have a service where you can have your favourite engineer work on your song (if they like it I assume) I jumped at it. He did a wonderful job.

What do you get up to when you’re not producing music? Any hobbies or weird party tricks we need to watch out for?

Erm, I’m into quite a bit. Gaming, Anime (especially DBZ, shout out to man like Vegeta), movies. I’ve always done Thai Boxing so like watching MMA. Cars, Manchester United, festivals and raves. No comment on my party trick…

We’ve just entered not just a new year, but a new decade, what do you have coming up and what are your goals for the roaring 20’s?

2020 is looking mad. I have three releases lined up, two of which will feature other artists. I really wanted to challenge myself and experiment with different sounds for these releases and I’m really happy with how they have turned out. So yeah look out for demmm.

Apart from that, I’m sure I’ll be gigging a lot and perhaps a mini tour.

Who else do we need to check out next year?

Ahh, so many…. Tommy Tickle, Monir, Flatland Record, Ava Grace, Falyra Bloom, Demons of Ruby Mae, So1stice, Alessandro Ciminata, Maelstrom Jetson, Valtini, Ceeow and Rohann. To name a few.

If you’d like to find out more about Vzion, you can follow him via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. His most recent single ‘ANYWHR’ is now available on Spotify.

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Image courtesy of Delayed Pleasure.