In The Morning Lights release their spellbinding single ‘One Moment’

Following the widespread support on their debut single ‘Flowers Grow’, Leeds-based alternative pop duo In The Morning Lights have now unveiled their follow-up single ‘One Moment’. The new release falls within their #SixMornings campaign, an exciting concept that will see this talented group make their mark within the electronica music scene with one new song per month over a six month period.

You are drawn in by the sound of a delicate piano from the first instance of ‘One Moment’, which is soon to be followed by the tender vocals of band member Matilde Mirotti, as well as a groovy electronic beat that tastefully builds up into the first drop. Her voice paints the soundscape with longing colours of intimate breathiness. This is a gorgeous love song with striking lyrics portraying the fleetingness of a romance. There is a touch of a retro vibe coming from the analogue synths that are carefully placed amidst the samples and modern grooves. ‘One Moment’ is a magical explosion of sensual lyrics and catchy melodic hooks, beautifully bound together by the singer’s honest and soulful vocals. The beautiful chorus will leave you wanting more with its infectious feel good vibes.

If you’d like to find out more about In The Morning Lights, you can follow them via FacebookYouTube and Instagram. Their new single ‘One Moment’ is now available on Spotify.

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