Juno Mamba releases liberating new single ‘Blossom’

‘Blossom’ is a fitting name for Melbourne producer Juno Mamba’s latest release. Delving into the unknown, this new single undoubtedly sees him blossoming into his finest form. Preparing to release his debut EP ‘Light Echoes’ over the coming months, ‘Blossom’ offers a delicious taste of what’s to come, one that undoubtedly leaves you with an intense craving for more of his sweet electronica. 

Juno Mamba’s electronica is markedly distinct from his peers – his capacity for conveying such intense, gut-wrenching emotion through melody is unparalleled. It seems that for many electronica artists, the focus is either moving their listeners, or making them dance. With ‘Blossom’, the two are reconciled. It’s liberating enough to have your feet moving unstoppably, but weighted with immense emotion that will have your mind racing in the exact same manner. The producer declared that recording the main lead line of ‘Blossom’ presented him with “an overwhelming sense of calm”, and that’s palpable in the track. A wash of serenity over a feverish club tune.

If you’d like to find out more about Juno Mamba, you can follow him via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. His new single ‘Blossom’ is now available on Spotify.

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Image courtesy of The Partae.