Manchester producer Vzion sparks ‘Magic’ with dynamic dancefloor anthem

Teeming with both the nostalgic and the prevailing, Manchester producer Vzion manages to tap into both the intimate, and the masses in a way that few are able to. For someone of a young age, Vzion has succeeded in honing his craft to an almost blissful extent. Any fans of soul, disco, hip-hop or RnB will easily be able to intuit these genres’ clear influences on his production, as well as his evident personal passion for them as well. Fundamentally, however, Vzion’s material is absolute perfection for anyone who enjoys the subtle crossover of house and soul music (a market that very few, besides the likes of Disclosure and Dilla have been able to successfully crack).

Vzion’s live shows are also something to look out for. Typically opting for a minimal setup, he chooses to produce and perform in real time, with the accompaniment of only a drummer and keys player. The power of a laptop must not be underestimated, however, as the intensity of the producer’s enthusiasm is enough to engage anyone for the entirety of his set – he’s hard to take your eyes off.

July 12th marks the release of Vzion’s new single ‘Magic’, and it certainly does not disappoint. Once again demonstrating his flair for the blending of samples, vocals, and beats, he has created a track that is almost impossible to not want to dance to, whilst also listening to the intricacies of the production. Vocalist Falyra Bloom’s soulful lines are also the perfect icing on the cake. Bloom expertly adds even more depth and cements the track as something to play for your friends this summer, as well as one to listen out for on the dancefloor. Vzion is certainly one to keep an eye out for. For starters, his broad range of influences makes his tracks applicable to almost anyone and everyone. However, it’s his finesse when it comes to both production and performance that truly make him the epitome of all things good and new on the electronic music scene today.

If you’d like to find out more about Vzion, you can follow him via FacebookYouTube and Instagram. His new single ‘Magic’ feat. Falyra Bloom is now available on Spotify.

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