Berliner Marc Brauner takes it up a notch with ‘Beer & Breakbeat’

‘Beer & Breakbeat’, the latest release from Berlin raised DJ and production polymath Marc Brauner, is a rough and ready yet completely compelling stream of dance music, perfect for taking out some quarantine induced frustration. Steering in a different direction and taking it more up-tempo, Brauner’s release is influenced by his past of “making rap music, doing graffiti and getting wasted with the squad”. Appropriately, this spark of inspiration came whilst drinking beers in his Berlin studio.

The first relatively relaxed track ‘I Can’t Forget You’ sets the EP in motion with an infectious groove ever so slightly tinged with melancholia. In his own words, Brauner described this track as “dedicated to some people I’ve met and can’t forget”. Ultimately, ‘I Can’t Forget You’ is an expression of nostalgia for a summer past of enjoying life in the sun.

Brauner’s EP then sees a slight sonic departure with the abrasive and up-tempo, yet equally infectious sound of tracks two and three: ‘Beer & Breakbeat’ and ‘This is For’. The former prompted the creation of this entire project after Brauner posted snippets on his Instagram story to an overwhelmingly positive reaction, motivating him to release the track and delve deeper into that kind of style. In a similar vein, the deliberately esoteric lyrics of ‘This is For’ are “dedicated to all my boys and girls out there with the same mind set, aesthetic and same vision”. 

The EP’s final two tracks, ‘Shake’ and a remix of ‘This Is For’ by collaborator and fellow Berliner Moodrich, signal yet another stylistic departure for the EP. ‘Shake’ is an evocation and loose reinterpretation of 80’s electro-funk that manages to successfully evoke the past without regressing into stale anachronisms. Moodrich’s remix with the addition of a thunderous breakbeat manages to undergird a track even more frantic and restless than the original – a fitting way to end the project.   

With the release of this EP and the rumoured formation of his new label Nostalgics, 2020 looks to be an exciting year for Brauner.

If you’d like to find out more about Marc Brauner you can follow him via Facebook, SoundCloud and Instagram. His latest EP ‘Beer & Breakbeat’ is now available to stream on Spotify.

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Image courtesy of Bandcamp.