OK Button unveil transcendent music video for their latest release ‘Verso’

The single ‘Verso’ is an immersive and emotive track on OK Button’s debut EP ‘Sepia Spectres’. The video released by the Scottish trio starring Ashley McLean and Gareth Morrison amplifies the ambient nature of the band’s collaborative style.

At four and a half minutes long, the video encapsulates a story of love, loss and reconnection. The fragmented shots align with the song’s synth-infused rhythm to unite the visual and sonic explorations of intimacy despite pain. The relationship extends through the screen, the intangible connection only attainable through shared history is somehow open to you, including you in the narrative. Amber Wilson’s crooning, candid vocals repeating “I’m losing you” is entrancing, inviting you into this microcosm of life.

The dated clothing and isolated cottage contrast the electro-pop sound but appear to narrate a pause in time. The deep rural countryside is a setting that compliments the ethereal vocals but symbolises a frozen landscape. Through disjointed frames we explore the separate lives of a couple tethered by a mutual ache at the loss of a child, an end of life that echoed and permeated the land and lives around it.

The couple’s closing embrace emphasises how intimacy is the primary theme of the track, as well as the nature of the band whose cohesive craftsmanship creates a unique sound to articulate emotions words often can’t place. The video achieves just that, it physicalises a quote from Amber, noting that love is “beyond physical, therefore it can even survive death”, just as music is an immortal echo of those who create it.

If you’d like to find out more about OK Button, you can follow them via Facebook, YouTubeInstagram and Twitter. Their new music video for ‘Verso’ is available now to watch on YouTube.

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