‘Points Beyond’ sees Cubicolor return luminescent

Cubicolor’s latest single ‘Points Beyond’ is five minutes and twenty seven seconds of pure electronica bliss. Experimental and innovative, the Netherlands trio seem back and better than ever. After scrapping their initial submission for a second album last year, the release of Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night in February 2020 seems to hold an insurmountable weight. Weaving tales of the struggle it took to get them there and their apparent perfectionism, if ‘Points Beyond’ is anything to go by, this album seems rife with that idiosyncratic Cubicolor flair.

Lyrically, Cubicolor seem to lean towards existentialism – yet, it isn’t the lyrics that capture you on ‘Points Beyond’. Something about Cubicolor’s particular venture into electronica seems rippling with vibrant colour; ‘Points Beyond’ feels like an experiment in luminous synaesthesia. Startlingly fluorescent, manifesting in vivid colour – an artist name has never seemed more fitting. Soaring electronica paired with a mirage of intensely stunning colour seems to be the order of the day here.

If you’d like to find out more about Cubicolor, you can follow them via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Their new single ‘Points Beyond’ is available now on Spotify.

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Image courtesy of Magnetic Magazine.