Polynation discover dizzying new heights on ‘Animus’

An interesting highlight from the album Igneous, Polynation soar to new heights on ‘Animus’ – a taunting experiment in dark electronica. With an ominous driving beat swelling throughout, the tension rises beyond belief on ‘Animus’, a leap into the unknown for the Amsterdam producer duo. 

Foregoing any lyrics, Polynation emphasise the power of their music entirely, masterfully crafting an arrangement that is immensely cinematic. Intricate yet ambitious, the track captures your attention instantly, its teasing crescendo hooking you from the start. Immersing you in their futuristic world, ‘Animus’ feels like something beyond a simple listening experience – it grips every part of you in its break from convention. The artwork depicts an eagle in flight, which seems fitting; it seems to flit around your head as you listen, completely encompassing you in its grasp. Endlessly creative and innovative, Polynation take the genre to completely unrecognisable places with ‘Animus’.

If you’d like to find out more about Polynation, you can follow them via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Their new single ‘Animus’ is now available on Spotify.

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Image courtesy of Atomnation.