Shura reaches lo-fi pop perfection with new album ‘forevher’

Three years ago, Aleksandra Denton (aka Shura) released her debut album, Nothing’s Real. It was a thirteen-track long amalgamation of anxieties in every sense of the word – be it romantic or physical – and it’s thought provoking pop showed great promise of things to come. Now, with the release of forevher, Shura has been able to fully deliver. After a few years, she has fallen head over heels, and deep into a long-distance relationship. The album details every inch of falling in love, with the inclusion of relatable details, such as thinking about their latest nudes, being particularly charming.

Shura also details falling in love in Trump’s America (where she moved to be with her girlfriend), commenting with almost ironic bemusement in ‘BKLYNLDN’ at her newfound surroundings, and making tracks even more enticing by adding a political element. forevher is an ideal album for anyone who enjoys a slightly skewed take on a classic pop album. It is fresh, unapologetically queer, and refuses to conform to any heteronormative narratives. Shura represents a new age of music in which love stories are no longer the musical traditions that we are so used to, and stands amongst many other artists (e.g. Years and Years), who also demand that romance can be whatever you want it to.

If you’d like to find out more about Shura, you can follow her via FacebookYouTubeInstagram and Twitter. Her new album forevher is now available on Spotify.

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Image courtesy of Asia Live 365.