PREMIERE: Terrane unveils intimate and transcendental debut album ‘Underwater’

Straight from his studio space under London’s infamous BT communications tower comes Terrane’s new album, Underwater. Otherworldly beats meet intricate vocal harmonies to create expansive soundscapes which blur the boundary between organic composition and contemporary computer music.

The LP begins with ‘Circles’, an aptly named track which experiments with cyclical electronic production. Terrane establishes a narrative through his music and lyrics, a journey which the listener is introduced to here, and steadily moved through as the album progresses. ‘Another Life’ toys with the idea of an unspeakable human connection forged out of strength and familiarity. Through these themes, it is easy to understand why descriptors such as ‘cinematic’ and ‘dreamlike’ have previously been attributed to Terrane’s artistry. Underwater is a sweeping and ethereal collection of sublime alt-pop electronica.

The album breaks for a delicate interlude track, ‘Love You More’, a dial-up infused song led by airy vocals washing over gentle piano progressions. From here, Terrane picks up the pace with upbeat yet congruent electronic palettes, drawing the album to a spectacular close with the eponymous ‘Underwater’, a chilled-out formulation of layered vocals and subdued beats.Terrane has proved that he can both craft a set of stunning tracks, and tell a story with them. Underwater is a fine example of a musical narrative which ebbs and flows from start to end.

If you’d like to find out more about Terrane, you can follow him via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. His new album Underwater is now available on Spotify.

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Image courtesy of Terrane.