Top 5 Influences: Juno Mamba

‘Space as inspiration. Considerations and exploration. Foundations and obliteration; it’s all relative. Life, death, decay and beauty; it’s all consciousness’. This is the foundation of Juno Mamba, the project of Melbourne producer Vinci Andanar.

Relatively new to the scene, Vinci is gearing up for the release of his debut EP ‘Light Echoes’, dropping in March via Soothsayer Records. From speaking to Vinci about the top five tracks that have influenced his musical career thus far, it’s clear that he’s an artist motivated to create music that speaks to the listener on a celestial level, encapsulating human emotion in sound.

Caribou – ‘Odessa’

Hearing this for the first time and I was unsure if the song was old or new. Blending vintage tones and old samples with something more hi-fi (in this instance his vocal), yields interesting textures and colours. Before the mixing process, I listen out to see if it’s texturally captivating, which for me is important when making instrumental music.

Burial – ‘Etched Headplate’

When I first got hold of this album, I would play it in transit and often fall asleep to it. When this song would come on, it would instantly affect my dreams. The distinct bass sound somehow hits a particular nerve every time I hear it. Maybe it’s the particularly frequency but when I listen to it now, it brings back that feeling of constantly travelling. I’ve always been drawn to music that can transport us back to a place, time or feeling, which is something I hope my music can one day achieve.

Percussions – ‘KHLHI’

Anything Kieran Hebden makes is always inspirational, whether its under Four Tet or his other monikers, but this track particularly pulled me in. The syncopation between the bass and shuffling beat is something I try and incorporate in my songs.

Nicolas Jaar – ‘Fight’

The production and intricacies in this song is other worldly. If I’m struggling with my music or need inspiration, I listen to this song. It instantly motivates me to try harder.

Nils Frahm – ‘Says’

I’ve only been shown Nils Frahm’s music recently but I was immediately hooked. My mum is a classical pianist and she was the one who introduced me to music initially. Listening to Nils feels like my musical journey has come full circle; starting with classical piano and now exploring electronic sounds. The way this song builds through its chord progression and delay feedback is perfect. The tension it creates by staying on the same chord and the release when the chords start changing and the bass is introduced is something I absolutely love. That feeling is the reason I’m still making music.

If you’d like to find out more about Juno Mamba, you can follow him via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. His latest track, ‘Blossom’, lifted from his upcoming EP is available to stream via Spotify.

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Image courtesy of Copacetic PR.