Women across the world join forces to create ‘100% HER’

International Women’s Day is typically defined by a sea of inspiring quotes and photos of women lifting empowering signs, which is always heartening but has become predictable in a sense. Enter the release of 100% HER – a collaborative album entirely composed, mixed and mastered by women. The project was supported by She Is The Music, a global organisation focused on increasing the number of women in music. Ready and raring to go,100% HER shakes up your expectations of International Women’s Day.

Selecting a standout track on 100% HER is borderline impossible. Universal Production Music have undoubtedly selected the most diverse, innovative selection of female artists around. ‘’94’, Monro’s contribution, undoubtedly stands out as a highlight: playful and buoyant, it is refreshingly light hearted. The album consistently finds itself loitering in the world of smoothly satisfying synths and grounding piano – a perfect combination. Talent seeps through every beat.

Another highlight is Bessi’s ‘Luna’, fusing sultry vocals, layers of glorious harmonies and an array of beats destined to get you moving and shaking. Worlds apart is Jen Miller’s ‘Jazz In The Park W/ Tea’, a gorgeous slice of lo-fi jazz that leaves you longing for days spent lounging on the grass, soaking up the sun, beverage in hand. All in all, Universal have crafted a showcase of impressive artists to watch. Inspiring, invigorating and enthused with incredible female talent, if you’re in need of empowerment then look no further.

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Image courtesy of Newscast Studio.