Yppah enchants with new dreamy single ‘Autumn Phase’

Atmospheric and enchanting, Yppah’s new single, ‘Autumn Phase’, pairs layers of delicate acoustic guitar and synth pads with Ali Coyle’s emotive vocals over a full dreamy five minutes.

Real name Joe Corrales Jr, Yppah is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who fuses ethereal electronic influences with dreamy, psychedelic pop and classic rock. Interestingly, Yppah, pronounced ‘yippah’, is actually happy spelt backwards. 

With twinkling, gentle music box melodies, atmospheric reverb-drenched layers of Coyle’s soulful vocals and a driving, but subtly produced electronic drum kit, ‘Autumn Phase’ is made for relaxation. Coyle’s voice is clear over the wash of intertwining melodies, floating gracefully with precision. 

The stunning single hints at good things to come for his LP, Sunset in the Deep End, out this Friday 7th Feb via artist-run label, Future Archive Recordings.

If you’d like to find out more about Yppah, you can follow him via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. His new single ‘Autumn Phase’ is now available on Spotify.

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Image courtesy of Spotify.